Zipplink Broadband Internet

ZiPP is a reliable and professional service provider of wireless broadband internet and networking solutions in central South Africa.

High quality workmanship, equipment and professional network management enable us to deliver broadband internet, computer networking, internet telephony, live video streaming and other IP services to suburban, business and remote and or farming areas.

Our equipment and products are thoroughly tested and professionally installed to ensure optimal service delivery and standards are maintained at all times.

To order, please download and complete the application form, or feel free to contact us.

Products & Services

Super Fast & Reliable Broadband Internet
We provide, install and maintain both wired and wireless broadband internet and e-mail services. Bundled broadband packages are available from 2GB to 10GB per month.

Broadband Pricing: Last updated: 2013-05-13


  • 2 GB - R 272.00
  • 3 GB - R 299.00
  • 4 GB - R 443.00
  • 5 GB - R 500.00
  • 6 GB - R 550.00
  • 7 GB - R 600.00
  • 8 GB - R 660.00
  • 10 GB - R 720.00
  • 15GB - R 1150.00


  • 256/512 Kbps - R500.00
  • 256/1024 Kbps - R700.00

Uncapped products are subject to an acceptable use policy. Uncapped accounts are shaped.

VoIP Telephony Services
VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the term used to describe the termination of telephone and voice calls over an internet enabled network. We install, host and maintain telephony services over both our wired and wireless infrastructures, therefore not only enabling you to make and receive phone calls at significant lower call rates, but also enable you to have a fixed phone line at a location normally not covered by other wired telephony service providers.

Wired & Wireless Networking Solutions
Our superior wired and wireless networking infrastructures allow for the interconnection of computers to one or several locations as required. Our infrastructures are thoroughly tested and managed to ensure optimal connectivity is maintained at all times.

Erection & Maintenance of WiFi radio masts
For distributing our wireless network infrastructures we install and erect high-end radio antennae and masts, additionally we service and maintain existing radio antennae and masts.

Erection & Maintenance of Satellite dishes
For the interconnectivity of rural and or remote locations we install and erect super fast satellite radiodishes and equipment.

Network Coverage

We cover all cities in the central South Africa region, like:

  • Lady Grey
  • Burgersdorp
  • Venterstad
  • Aliwal-North
  • Rouxville
  • Zastron
  • Smithfield
  • Vanstadenrus
  • Dewetsdorp
  • Reddersburg
  • Edenburg
  • Henneman
  • Virginia
  • Wesselsbron
  • Bloemfontein

Contact information

Postal Address: 

20 Brandstraat
Smithfield 9966

082 948 2482


20 Brand Street
9966 Smithfield , Free State
South Africa
30° 13' 12.036" S, 26° 31' 34.0752" E
Free State ZA

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