Lebohang Motloung

Lebohang "Bra LEBZA" is an legendary performing artist (drama) poet.

His company LOSM (Lebohang Oa Sekgoane Motloung) Productions, Theatre, Sports and Development was started in 2006. Since its inception it has produced the following theatrical productions:

  • "Bekezela", 2006 (HIV and AIDS Awareness)
  • "Ancient Times", 2008 (Palliative care)
  • "Oa Nthefula", 2010 (Moral Regeneration) this production was featured at World Cup Soccer Tournament.

Our motto is "We weave the nation" and literature and the arts are the best tools.


Below is a poem I wrote about Smithfield:


Smithfield and Mofulatshepe

Die dorp, Smithfield is nie ver van die stads geluid!
166 jaar oud, nature seems so peculiar along N6 route.
Onse, beroemde is onse wilde voelstruis, blesbok en trantrale.
Sprinbok roaming like ganstars, daar in die kloof vréét hulle,
met hulle sterte groet die gaste.
No deep sloot, Smithfield klien dorpie maar nie slaapraag.
Op die berg staan daar vootrekkers voet spore.
Onder die kraans is Khoisan tekenings.
Daar op die vlei staan die geheim van tant Deborah se klip.

Its wild mountains are no boundaries.
So, congested I need to breathe.
Mofulatshepe as wild its namesake : Where springbok graze.
Divided by the dry dongas, dumping side.
Nkopane se grot, is die dorpie se geheim.
Die geheim van moordernaars en ganstars  
Mind its people, millionaires, royals, wizards and prophets.
They are legends, authors, artists, professionals are there/here.
But I still need to breath, just to breath.
Township smells like over grazed dairy farm, ponds of waste materials.
I need to leap through the gouge, to breath.
To explore my talent, ride the flames of fame.
Twinkle on those theatre,sign autographs.

Smithfield, wild mountains; dry landscape.
Klien dorpie maar nie slaapraag nie
Smithfield and Mofulatshepe.
Rainbow colour nation, peaceful, witty people.
Kind old people, brand arm society.
Die taal is jy en jou, die groet, is my ma sê kind.  
Tradition is, do not step on my toes, we do no tengo here!
Culture is, ons eet, lees, drink, na dat ons vloek tot die muur bars.
Ja, die mense kan bid tot die reen gooi yster en eiers.
Smithfield is smart, Mofutshepe dwellers rock.    
Klien dorpie maar nie slaapraag nie.
Die dorpie, nooi die wereld, kom loer en keiur.
Smithfield en Mofulatshepe nie ver van die stads geleid!
Klein dorpie maar nie slaapraag nie.

2012 :Deur: Lebohang Oa Sekgoane Motloung.     


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