Art by Bets de Bruyn

I have been playing at art for as long as I can remember.  I have participated in numerous exhibitions since I became a serious artist. 

I moved to the Southern Free State in 2008 to enable me to devote all my time to producing and teaching art.

I won theOld Mutual Sculptor of the year award in Centurion in 1988 and has both sculptures and paintings in various overseas countries such as the USA: Seattle, Memphis, Round Hill Virginia, and New York, and in Europe in England and Belgium and Germany.

To date I have worked in ceramic clay, metal, Perspex, polyurethane foam, artist’s clay and extensively in Wonderstone and Soapstone and as well as wood.           

I paint in oils, acrylics and use soft pastels, artist’s crayons as well as pencil and charcoal for drawings and sketches.           

Chairman of the Centurion Art Society from 1985 to 1987 and vice chairman in 1988. Represented Centurion on the Executive Management Committee of the South African Art Association (Now SANAVA)

Honorary member of the Centurion Art Society. 

Public art: Memorial at Voortrekkerhoogte Hoërskool  (1987)





Since I was a child the three dimensional shape has fascinated me and at first I enjoyed ceramic clay but found it to be too forgiving and thus almost boring.

Since the mid 1980's my sculpture medium is mainly Wonderstone, a stone found in the Northwest Province close to the small town of Ottosdal.  The stone presents me with some resistance to keep me challenged.  I enjoy the way I have to search the stones for some hint of what it can become.  An outline of a shoulder or a hip, or even a nose, will give me the direction I have to take.

Of late I became preoccupied with the possibilities of adding found objects such as old rusted chains, etc, to the stone form.  This opened a whole new avenue for me and I love poking my nose everywhere in the hope of finding something interesting.  I have started translating this into the way I paint and I have begun adding objects to the surface of the paintings, even putting paintings behind very old and dilapidated window frames.

I found the stone to be a male entity and enjoy showing it's feminine side by producing very feminine images such as handbags.

As an artist this is very exciting and I cannot wait to see where it will take me.


The behaviour of people and how they interact with their world and each other is fascinating to me.  This gives me some of the material I use to tell my story with art.

My environment inspires me.  The landscapes and how it changes, almost daily, provides me with endless joy and therefore compels me to be creative.

I teach the techniques of painting to art lovers and their progress and enjoyment of what they do stimulate my own creativity, they make sure that I stay at least two steps ahead of them technically, which in turn drives me.


My art is a bridge to my imagination.  Every piece of  my art has some reason for existing, and is open to interpretation, and would like to invite the viewer to participate in some way to apply their own perceptions and experiences to the piece, which enables it to change as the viewers perceptions do.


I am constantly in awe of the richness and mental stimulation the creative process brings to my life, and that I look at things differently to enable me to interpret my world.  Art takes me on a journey, stimulates my mind, and pushes me to find new ways of portraying my ideas. This makes me appreciate the fact that I have some ability to produce art.

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