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Platteland Preview 2016 call to Performers

THE Plattleland Preview festival in Smithfield, south east Free State, is calling for applications for the 2016 edition of the festival. Performing artists including musicians are invited to apply to be part of this exciting venture, 24 - 26 June 2016. What is the Platteland Preview? The tiny dorp of Smithfield lies half-way between Gauteng and Grahamstown, on the N6. It’s a convenient stop-over for audiences and performers headed to the National Arts Festival. We invite performers to break their journey here for a last technical rehearsal before arriving in Grahamstown. We provide free...Read more

Advies vir Boere vanaf ‘n Weidingkundige

Dit het begin reën oor dele van die somersaaigebiede. In die meeste gebiede is dit nou te laat vir die aanplant van grane. Tog is daar steeds tyd vir die aanplant van voere om vir die komende winter voorsiening te maak. Eenjarige weidings soos voersorghums, voersorghum hibriede, sorghum X soedan hibriede en selfs tef (en tef-mengsels) kan oorweeg word. Plant sorghum cultivars wat ‘n fyn struktuur het en smaaklik is. Praat met ‘n plaaslike saadhandelaar oor die beste cultivars wat u nou kan aanplant. Brokkie advies deur Dr. Louis du Pisani, Weidingkundige en NWKV Nas...Read more

Donation of water for Smithfield

Donations from outsiders in times of difficulty are always hugely welcome. Smithfielders have been deeply touched by a donation of water by a leading business in Bloemfontein, Builders Warehouse has just donated 3 x 1500ltr tanks full of water to the town where the municipality has not been able to meet its commitment to provide a regular supply of water. No official statement regarding the situation has been issued by the Municipality but it is understood that the department concerned has been experiencing serious difficulties drawing water from an exceptionally dry Caledon River,...Read more

Time to Look Forward

by Barbara von Ahlefeldt ~ I must start by wishing all our readers a happy and rewarding 2016. May at least some of the wishes for yourselves and our town come true. Last year was extremely challenging for most of us; some happiness mixed with sadness at losing dear friends which, of course, is all part of life's extraordinary pattern which we need to accept, celebrate, and then move on. John and I will be celebrating having joined the Smithfield community 20 years ago this month. We arrived straight from London. Yes, London England to some people's amazement! We were accepted with...Read more

Happy Holidays

We hope all our readers had a very Happy Christmas with friends and family and that 2016 will be wet and wonderful for us all. See you next year.Read more

Marvellous Place For A Moon Dance

By Tanya von Ahlefeldt ~ After leaving behind a cold, wet England recently to embark on an epic journey to Smithfield that took me via Ireland and Abu Dhabi, I made sure that I took advantage of a shower at a guest house in Bloemfontein before landing in Smithfield in the middle of a devastating (in my opinion) water crisis being experienced by many towns and cities in South Africa. I was visiting my parents, at last, who are about to celebrate living in Smithfield for 20 happy and most interesting years, ten of which owning and running one of the first Guest Houses in the town and for the...Read more

Police Report

Festive Message From Cluster Commander ~ It’s been a year full of action. There were ups and there were downs in terms of crime. We had great successes in solving crime, great successes in disturbing the path of criminals and also a few Court sentences for Murder and rapes that occurred within the Cluster. The above achievements were not possible without the assistance of the community. The assistance of the community is highly appreciated and would like to encourage everybody to support the fight against crime to ensure that a healthy and viable environment is achieved and therefore...Read more

Beste Student In Kleinvee

Die 2015 Nasionale Wolkwekersvereniging prys is oorhandig aan Dr. Daleen Roos (née Bester) wie aangewys is as die beste student in Kleinveekuddegesondheid en –produksie by die Universiteit van Pretoria. Die jaarlikse trofee is oorhandig deur Prof. Ken Pettey van die Fakulteit Veeartsenydienste tydens ‘n toekenningsgeleentheid aan die einde van November. Daleen het grootgeword as 'n plaaskind in die Noord-Oos Vrystaat. Sy het gematrikuleer aan Hoërskool Vrede waarna sy haar BVSc graad aan die Universiteit van Pretoria verwerf het. Vir veeboerdery het sy 'n...Read more

Petrichor – How We Long For A Whiff of It

One of the great pleasures of rain falling on dry ground is the marvellous smell that results. For those of us who have been deprived of this pleasure for so long but who remember it with great fondness this mention in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is enough to bring tears to our (dry) eyes. Petrichor is the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil. The word is constructed from Greek, petra, meaning "stone", + ichor, the fluid that flows in the veins of the gods in Greek mythology. The term was coined in 1964 by two CSIRO researchers, Isabel Joy Bear (Australian) and...Read more

Smithfield All Set to Welcome You

It’s almost here, the 2015 Festive Season, with schools and businesses about to close for the year. Here in Smithfield our ever-popular guesthouses and restaurants await your arrival – ready to offer the high-quality accommodation and food for which they are so renowned. The Christmas season is the busiest time of the year for our tourism businesses, and 2015 is already promising to be no exception. Bed and breakfast and restaurant owners in this key stopover on the N6 holiday route report particularly heavy bookings well ahead of the holidays. Because of the close relationship...Read more


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