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Our Dam as a Source of Income

Most dams in South Africa suffer from the same chronic complaint. Quite simply; they are too shallow. That need not be the end of the story. There is a possible solution that could even be a source of revenue for the municipality? In a country such as ours, blessed with masses of sunshine (not always so welcome under drought conditions) the evaporation factor is huge. Rapidly diminishing water levels are inevitable. Couple that with low rainfall and you are left with what we now have in Smithfield – a town dam with not a drop of water. For as long as our town dam is kept full, or near...Read more

Water for Life Festival is Born

By Greg May ~ How it Began - Background History and Vision On 29 October 2015 the town of Smithfield officially ran out of water. Our town dam had already dried up a few weeks earlier. On a daily basis people living in the greater Smithfield area were to be found queuing for water at the various boreholes (municipal boreholes, many of which were found not to be operational) and privately owned, around the town. No water flowed from their taps – this was to remain the situation until 18 January 2016 when assistance from the SANDF came through for two weeks during November. The army unit...Read more

Platteland Preview 2016 Programme Grows

The line-up of performances accepted for this year’s Platteland Preview is virtually complete, with the organising committee confirming that show, Creature is now a certainty. The other shows, most of which we have already reported, are: OPENING NIGHT – Friday, 24 June Born to Diva , which opens the festival at the Red Barn features the “pint-size dynamo” Tonya Koenderman, known internationally as one of the hottest properties on the cabaret circuit. Playing at the high school, Lust is aimed at creating an awareness of the notorious Aids virus. Saturday At the Chapel...Read more

Education through Art

By Greg May ~ When Motseokae Klas Thibeletsa arrived in Smithfield during February 2016 he was on a mission to educate people, and in particular school-going children, as to the power of art as a means to improve communication within a community. With support from the Department of Art and Culture and the University of the Free State he embarked on a series of workshops with students from all the schools in the Smithfield area taking part. The aim was first to inspire them to create and commit images representing matters of concern both as individuals and to the community as a whole to paper...Read more

Book Review

"Leaving Before the Rains Come" by Alexandra Fuller. Reviewed by Anne Montgomery. For those who have read her first book, "Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs tonight", this sequel will be returning, in part to familiar territory. The farm in Zambia, her indomitable parents, and her elder, but totally unlike, sister. This book also encompasses glimpses of life in erstwhile Colonial Africa today, the author’s grandparents in Scotland and England, her family traits and heritage, and living in the American mid-west. She meets Charlie Ross, the love of her life, an...Read more

Lazy Likkewaan Art Café

Smithfield’s new restaurant, the Art Café, which we recently introduced to our readers, was officially launched last Monday in a party-like atmosphere. A representative gathering of locals were invited to partake in examples of dishes in which the place will specialise. All voted the event a great success and thoroughly approved of the menu. Hosted by the two partners in the venture, Greg May and Francois du Plessis, the launch party enjoyed sampling what is to be on offer – and also enjoyed the delightful experience of lunching in an art gallery – to the...Read more

Another Three Platteland Preview Shows Tied Up

Platteland Preview 2016 comes closer to being a reality with the news that three more shows have been signed up for this hugely successful series of annual previews to the famous Grahamstown Festival. Following details of three shows we revealed last week , we can now add another three which have been confirmed: Ingrid … …Celebrates the life and work of acclaimed poet Ingrid Jonker. Described as mixed media theatre with image-driven scenes inspired by various Jonker texts, it is brought to life through mask work, puppetry and imagistic theatre techniques. A certain theatrical...Read more

The Preview 2016 Comes Together

The lively committee putting the Smithfield’s exciting annual Platteland Preview together, has tied up most of the acts to be performed in June ahead of the Grahamstown Festival. It is also hard at finalising all the peripheral details to ensure that this major project is even more successful than in the past few years. Preceding the show will be a cocktail party at the Red Barn celebrating the opening of another in the famously successful annual event. Born to Diva Opening proceedings at the Red Barn will be the widely acclaimed Tonya Koenderman, hailed by critics as “one of the...Read more

Police Address Crime Through Imbizo

The Social Crime Prevention team of SAPS recently held a Mini-Imbizo at Greenfield in an effort to address social crimes that are increasing in the area. This comes after we received numerous complaints about people trespassing on some people’s properties and even knocking at the doors of those particular properties. We followed up the information and two young boys, aged 14 and 15 were taken in for questioning. They admitted that they had entered some of the properties mainly in town but vehemently denied that crime was their motive and they had never entered any house in Greenfield...Read more

Smithfield Has It’s Own Art Cafe

He is no newcomer to Smithfield but in his latest venture Francois du Plessis could be described as such because he has been living in neighbouring Bethulie for some time where he developed his food interests. The lanky food enthusiast worked with Greg May, of Lazy Likkewaan fame for some time at one stage of his career and it is to Greg’s food business that he has returned to as a partner. The two men, who share a passion for interesting food, have come up with what appears to be a great idea. They are converting Greg’s art gallery into the Lazy Likkewaan Art Café, and...Read more


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