Anne Fabre – Big News for Smithfield Wool

This is the tale of two Smithfield people from totally different backgrounds who, almost by accident, developed what for them is the ideal business. It fits in so perfectly with their own creative and business temperaments. Named Anne Fabre , it allows them jointly and individually to create the most beautiful woollen garments. Just to complete the success story, whatever they produce has found eager buyers from all over the world. The beginnings of the story goes back a long way. As an 8-year-old in Paris, Fabrice Rebouillat (the Fabre) discovered knitting. Some years later, with a career as...Read more

Chopin Recital a First for Smithfield

Smithfield enjoyed another experience in the arts field this week with the piano recital at the Red Barn by our pianist-in-residence, Donvè Fullard. Adding charm to the delightful occasion was a roaring fireplace around which some guests sat on comfortable sofas and arm chairs, listening to the music played by this recent arrival in our town. Donvè offered the enthusiastic audience its first piano recital in many years, with an evening of Chopin. Her renditions included a selection of the great composer’s well-known works, including waltzes, etudes and preludes. Described...Read more

Major Changes at Buckleys

Martin Booyens is busily giving Buckleys several new interesting business elements, some of which are already in operation. Enviably situated on the N6 at the northern point of entry to Smithfield, Buckleys is to boast separate units specialising in boutique type businesses. These include individual units for handmade gifts, a craft shop, antiques, decor and biltong sales. Another major change which has already been completed is in the area of the bar where the canvas awnings forming the walls of the extended restaurant have been replaced with windows and fixed walls. In conjunction with this...Read more

Child Protection Week Awareness

About 350 boys and girls of between 12 and 18, from Smithfield Primary, Mofulatshepe Primary and Relebohile Secondary attended a Child Protection Awareness event on 25 May during Child Protection Week. The event was held by South African Police Service, in conjunction with Correctional Services, Department of Social Development, Department of Education, and local NGOs at Smithfield Community Hall. The theme for the event was “Protect children against intoxicating substances”. The purpose was to inform and entertain through educating children on dangers of intoxicating substances...Read more

Our Dam as a Source of Income

Most dams in South Africa suffer from the same chronic complaint. Quite simply; they are too shallow. That need not be the end of the story. There is a possible solution that could even be a source of revenue for the municipality? In a country such as ours, blessed with masses of sunshine (not always so welcome under drought conditions) the evaporation factor is huge. Rapidly diminishing water levels are inevitable. Couple that with low rainfall and you are left with what we now have in Smithfield – a town dam with not a drop of water. For as long as our town dam is kept full, or near...Read more

Water for Life Festival is Born

By Greg May ~ How it Began - Background History and Vision On 29 October 2015 the town of Smithfield officially ran out of water. Our town dam had already dried up a few weeks earlier. On a daily basis people living in the greater Smithfield area were to be found queuing for water at the various boreholes (municipal boreholes, many of which were found not to be operational) and privately owned, around the town. No water flowed from their taps – this was to remain the situation until 18 January 2016 when assistance from the SANDF came through for two weeks during November. The army unit...Read more

Platteland Preview 2016 Programme Grows

The line-up of performances accepted for this year’s Platteland Preview is virtually complete, with the organising committee confirming that show, Creature is now a certainty. The other shows, most of which we have already reported, are: OPENING NIGHT – Friday, 24 June Born to Diva , which opens the festival at the Red Barn features the “pint-size dynamo” Tonya Koenderman, known internationally as one of the hottest properties on the cabaret circuit. Playing at the high school, Lust is aimed at creating an awareness of the notorious Aids virus. Saturday At the Chapel...Read more

Education through Art

By Greg May ~ When Motseokae Klas Thibeletsa arrived in Smithfield during February 2016 he was on a mission to educate people, and in particular school-going children, as to the power of art as a means to improve communication within a community. With support from the Department of Art and Culture and the University of the Free State he embarked on a series of workshops with students from all the schools in the Smithfield area taking part. The aim was first to inspire them to create and commit images representing matters of concern both as individuals and to the community as a whole to paper...Read more


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