New Cluster Commander for Smithfield

Colonel Ngoma Shadrack Guma has been appointed as the new Cluster Commander of Smithfield from 1 July after the former Cluster Commander resigned. Personal Colonel Guma was born in Fauriesmith and went to Tshwaranang Primary and later attended Wongalethu Secondary in Bethulie. He married and has five children. He describes himself as a quiet and a reserved person and someone that does not bother anybody. “I also don’t like unnecessary fights but enjoy fighting if it’s for the benefit of SAPS”. Unity and togetherness is what he preaches. Experience with SAPS Colonel...Read more

Valiant Swart Discovers Smithfield

By Martin Booyens ~ What a privilege to have Valiant Swart and his band in our own town, no need to travel to Bloemfontein or any other city to be able to experience such formidable musicians. The Red Barn, our own community hall, was used for the show and proof once again that the venue is suited for music, art and drama productions. The small, intimate atmosphere also added to the amazing experience, with music that included folk, blues, a bit of jazz and country. The band has established itself over the years and appealed to old and young in the audience. At times it was difficult to stay...Read more

Smithfield's New Art Gallery

Maintaining Smithfield's reputation in the field of art, Martin Booyens has opened a new gallery in Buckleys with an exhibition by A'nari Lategan, details in the accompanying announcement...Read more

A Successful Platteland Preview 2016

By Martin Booyens ~ Our Platteland Preview committee is always keen to get started on its feedback session as each year’s programme ends. The meeting is considered vital as the first step in planning for the following year. This year was no exception and so the 2016 committee went into session on 4 July, immediately after the end of another successful preview. Their aim is to see what lessons could be learned which would help in their planning for 2017. Not only is it useful to learn from any mistakes but the impressions and experience gained from committee members themselves as well...Read more

Another Good Year for Platteland Preview

Monday sees the formal ending of the hard work that went into arranging another successful Platteland Preview. Irene Swanepoel, popular chair of the organising committee, has called for a 4pm meeting at the Bowls Club. What is more she has issued an open invitation to all Smithfielders, whether or not they were actually involved in putting the successful event together, to come to the meeting.. The importance of the Monday meeting cannot be over-emphasised. It signals the need to get cracking on preparations for 2017. As is inevitably the case with functions of this importance, planning a...Read more

Stock Theft on the Rise in Smithfield Cluster

May and June months are traditionally the months where stock theft cases escalate. This year, the situation is the same. On 21 June, about 55 sheep were stolen from a farm in the Dewetsdorp area and seven suspects were apprehended last Friday. In the Goedemoed area, on 15 June we arrested four suspects for stealing eleven sheep. They are appearing in court. In most of our stock theft cases the livestock is slaughtered at the kraal and carcasses transported to nearby storage before being sold. Farm workers are believed to be involved. SAFETY HINTS FOR FARMERS Livestock - owners should keep all...Read more

Lights! Action! Atmosphere! It’s all happening!

Smithfield’s very own Platteland Preview 2016 is here! Getting it all underway are pre-show cocktails followed by captivating music and song with Tonya Koenderman in "Born to Diva". Ahead of us is a great programme which promises to appeal to a wide audience, including as it does, not only fascinating theatre but also good eating and exhibitions of the type of art for which our town is well known. Congratulations to the people behind the Preview; the organising committee and the many individuals who have thrown themselves into the demanding job of bringing to fruition the idea...Read more

Here We Go Again - to Platteland Preview No. 4

Isn’t amazing how time flies! And here in Smithfield it seems to pass by even faster because we are all so involved, one way or another, with our very own Platteland Preview. It seems only yesterday that the third (biggest and best) was so widely acclaimed. And now Preview No 4 is upon us and we are as excited as ever about the prospects for this unique preview to the Grahamstown Festival. After months of planning, discussing and following up leads, the Platteland Preview 2016 organisers are into the more physical activity stage of final preparations for the big event. There has been no...Read more


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