More Interesting Ideas in Smithfield

Surprises are one of Smithfield’s specialities, fortunately most of them pleasant, which is only to be expected, bearing in mind the generous nature of the people living here. We recently have had two very good examples of this. A couple of Smithfield entrepreneurs are making good use of their personal skills to create handmade products which have found a ready local demand. William Novasi and Isaac Fusi have been part of the local scene most of their lives and have shown themselves to be highly competent in their own chosen fields. And the fact that there is such a strong creative...Read more

National Braai Day in Smithfield

It was the fourth Braai day held at Buckley’s on the 24th of September with the difference that the day was for the benefit of our Old Age Home – Dagbreek Wonings. This day is always sponsored by members of the community in the form of Lamb, salads, desserts, groceries and cash donations, and we would like to thank the following people for their unconditional support. Spesbona – Nick and Zandre, Le Roux Boerdery – PG and Arno, Andre and Marius Share, Annalize Neethling, Lettie Swanepoel, Elize Liebenberg, Karin Pieterse, Chris and Ella Dirks, Trix Swanepoel, Pierre en...Read more

Plans for Smithfield's 2017 Platteland Preview

As the planning for the fifth Platteland Preview starts in all earnest, the team took a break to celebrate the success of the 2016 Festival. The lunch was hosted by Willie and Irene Swanepoel. Perfect weather, amazing food, hospitable hosts and great company made for an enjoyable afternoon. The team is already in the process of applying for another grant and sending out applications for plays. We are sure the standard of plays will continue to improve as does the popularity of our delightful Preview held at the end of June each year.Read more

Congratulations Dolores

by Zaza Pieterse ~ Our dear friend Dolores Prinsloo celebrated her 85th birthday with a scrumptious tea party at Serenitas in Bloemfontein last week. What a landmark! Although she left Smithfield five years ago, we still consider her to be an honorary resident. She took the lead for many years and in many ways as very much part of our community. It was, therefore, an honour that our Smithfield contingency could be part of the life and soul of the lovely party. We so enjoyed every moment of the occasion, especially the sincere and moving contribution by her grandchildren, with songs and...Read more

New Look Biba's

Flags are flying, banners are up and Hazell is seen on Biba's stoep proudly admiring her new sign which introduces the wide range of what she hopes to sell. With a week to go to the opening of the New Look Biba's it's all go indoors as well. Once inside, one of the rooms is being devoted to the launch of local artist Lynden Lund's exciting Black and White exhibition on Saturday 17th at 11 a.m. The large central room, full of action, is being set up with really interesting decor, tables, shelves, cupboards and masses of different goodies to buy. Do yourselves a favour, visit...Read more

Biba's is Back!

by Barbara von Ahlefeldt ~ A delightful young entrepreneur- Hazell Schoeman - an artist who now lives in Smithfield, visited me a few weeks ago and asked if she could reopen Biba's. An exciting thought! After a long conversation about her interesting background and what she'd like to introduce in Biba's, we "struck a deal" as they say in the movies! So, here we go - announcing the arrival of Biba's Spring Exhibition, which opens on Saturday, September 17 @ 11 am with a Black and White Exhibition by our well-known local artist, Lynden Lund in a different theme. Join...Read more

Steve Ashley performs at the Bowls Club

The Smithfield Bowls Club is in desperate need of funds to restore the bowling green. With the worst drought in 30 years and no or very little municipal water in the last ten months, not much of the bowling green remains. In an attempt to raise much needed funds, the club recently invited Steve Ashley to perform at a concert. Steve is a former member of the Staccatos, known as one of the most successful bands in South Africa. Their version of “Cry to Me” proved to be one of South Africa’s most successful singles ever, remaining 38 weeks on the charts and earning a double...Read more

Smithfield Chimes Again

Smithfield’s old church clock has been silent for far too long. Chiming the hours, month after month, had been something of a tradition we all relied on as a matter of course. Fortunately our town still boasts community-spirited souls who are quite happy to find space in their diaries and get their hands dirty in the interests of the little old town. So it was that Marco Heymans and friends decided it was high time to do something about bringing the sound of the clock and the chimes back to Smithfield, which had been sadly missed for far too long. Thanks to a lot of hard work in very...Read more


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