Smithfield Garden Club Year-End Function

by Gregg Bauer ~

The Smithfield Garden Club - a vibrant, dedicated and enthusiastic grouping of local community members - celebrated their year-end function on Tuesday, 8 November at Nick's Place in Smithfield. As usual, the turnout was exceptional, and the social chatter that bubbled on the sunny patio was evident of a friendly community spirit.

Hanlie Smith, the chairwoman of the Garden Club, took the opportunity to revisit the year's activities and thanked her committee for their support and outstanding enthusiasm. Member birthdays for the remainder of the year were celebrated and Christmas gifts were exchanged amongst the gathered group. The Christmas gifts were all garden related and wonderful choices were made by the club members including locally-grown succulent plants, garden gloves and seedlings, as well as various homemade products from local gardens.

Hanlie graciously accepted re-nomination as Club Chairperson for 2017 and her committee was duly elected. All members were reminded to be in touch with their team leaders should they have any suggestions for guest speakers for the upcoming year.

A sumptuous tea was served by Fabrice from Nick's Place; always the highlight of any club gathering. The banter between members over tea highlighted the camaraderie which exists within the club.

To all involved in 2016, a special thank you for all your hard work and continued enthusiasm even though it was a year of challenging gardening following the dire drought which existed in the area.

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