More Interesting Ideas in Smithfield

Surprises are one of Smithfield’s specialities, fortunately most of them pleasant, which is only to be expected, bearing in mind the generous nature of the people living here.

We recently have had two very good examples of this.

A couple of Smithfield entrepreneurs are making good use of their personal skills to create handmade products which have found a ready local demand. William Novasi and Isaac Fusi have been part of the local scene most of their lives and have shown themselves to be highly competent in their own chosen fields. And the fact that there is such a strong creative streak through all sections of the populous, wherever they live, whatever they do for a living, suggests the new ideas that keep cropping up are so often highly productive

In his spare time, William has developed his own design of handmade bedside lamps and vases. Ingeniously conceived, these are painstakingly assembled from short lengths of wild olive twigs which are glued into position and lacquered, forming a firm and attractive unit. Fitted with the necessary electrical connection, the result is a lamp that is both practical and decorative on any bedside or elsewhere in the home.

Isaac Fusi is one of Smithfield’s best-known providers of services in the building and allied trades, having been the right-hand man of the late and sadly lamented Julian Carr. When he decided to venture into a product of his own design his choice was a natural.

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