Biba's is Back!

by Barbara von Ahlefeldt ~

A delightful young entrepreneur- Hazell Schoeman - an artist who now lives in Smithfield, visited me a few weeks ago and asked if she could reopen Biba's. An exciting thought! After a long conversation about her interesting background and what she'd like to introduce in Biba's, we "struck a deal" as they say in the movies!  

So, here we go - announcing the arrival of Biba's Spring Exhibition, which opens on Saturday, September 17 @ 11 am with a Black and White Exhibition by our well-known local artist, Lynden Lund in a different theme. Join in with the fun, refreshments and other arts and crafts for sale.

Watch this space - Smiffie Dames will also be back with all the social bits and pieces about life in our little town. Just remember - it's Spring and Smithfield is very much up and running.

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