Valiant Swart Discovers Smithfield

By Martin Booyens ~

What a privilege to have Valiant Swart and his band in our own town, no need to travel to Bloemfontein or any other city to be able to experience such formidable musicians.

The Red Barn, our own community hall, was used for the show and proof once again that the venue is suited for music, art and drama productions. The small, intimate atmosphere also added to the amazing experience, with music that included folk, blues, a bit of jazz and country.

The band has established itself over the years and appealed to old and young in the audience. At times it was difficult to stay seated during the performance. In fact, all were on the dance floor and demanded more and more songs from the band.

The 68 guests are all talking about the experience of the evening and in awe of the talent of individual band members - and how they can perform as a band without any backtracks or sheet music to assist them in their performance.

It was Valiant’s first visit to Smithfield and big was his surprise at the capability of our town and the friendly people he met during the stay. The band promises to be back, because they had not experienced a “Platteland” show as enjoyable.

We will keep the Smiffie viewers informed of more talent and shows coming to Smithfield in the future.

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