Smithfield Has It’s Own Art Cafe

He is no newcomer to Smithfield but in his latest venture Francois du Plessis could be described as such because he has been living in neighbouring Bethulie for some time where he developed his food interests.

The lanky food enthusiast worked with Greg May, of Lazy Likkewaan fame for some time at one stage of his career and it is to Greg’s food business that he has returned to as a partner.

The two men, who share a passion for interesting food, have come up with what appears to be a great idea. They are converting Greg’s art gallery into the Lazy Likkewaan Art Café, and from our “preview” of what they have in mind, they could be onto something really interesting. Our introductory meal taken in the delightful atmosphere of an art gallery proved to be a real pleasure.

The new businesses will normally be offering selected dishes (as well as “specials”) from 9am to 3pm, and for longer hours on big occasions. In the evenings the emphasis will switch back to the established Lazy Likkewaan for this restaurant’s full menu.

As ever, Smiffienews welcomes another addition to Smithfield’s attractive facilities and wishes the venture great success.

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