Police Address Crime Through Imbizo

The Social Crime Prevention team of SAPS recently held a Mini-Imbizo at Greenfield in an effort to address social crimes that are increasing in the area.

This comes after we received numerous complaints about people trespassing on some people’s properties and even knocking at the doors of those particular properties.

We followed up the information and two young boys, aged 14 and 15 were taken in for questioning. They admitted that they had entered some of the properties mainly in town but vehemently denied that crime was their motive and they had never entered any house in Greenfield.

After the questioning of these two boys we had to release them into their parents/ guardians supervision.

We will however continue to follow all the information that we receive regarding this and we certainly hope that we will get to the bottom of this through your help.

A reminder to the community that ‘your safety is in your hands; reporting a crime to the Police so that you are not the victim tomorrow’.

Enquiries: Sergeant Yanga Ngcukana
Smithfield Communication, Marketing and Liaison
082 0463 940

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