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Last week we revealed the sad fact that Bets de Bruyn was about to leave Smithfield. Inevitably, this dynamic sculptor and artist will leave behind some unhappy folk who looked to her for guidance in their efforts to develop their innate artistic talents.

An answer is at hand! This is how Bets has responded – and it could have very important repercussions.

In her own words: One day while we were discussing my leaving the Free State, the idea of regularly meeting to paint was tossed around and got a positive response.

I talked with a few people in both groups, here and in Bethulie, and all of them wanted to continue painting but I got the feeling they lacked to confidence to do it all on their own. The idea of a group such as the garden club, the laslappie group and the reading group, appealed to most of them as it would continue the camaraderie of the art classes and at the same time encourage each of them to keep painting, with the support of fellow painters.

This made me very happy as I would hate to see all the talent go to waste. It will be a good idea for them to truly now develop into full blown artists with a particular style unique to each one while working on their own in the group.

Fabrice was so kind as to offer up some space in his studio where he does his quilting and weaving and however generous this offer is it might not be the best solution as paint does have a way to get onto other things and not only the canvas, like on the dog's head, for instance.

Martin also offered a space in Buckley's, as he is busy with revamping a part of the restaurant to be an art gallery this might be a good idea to meet there on a regular basis.

The details of this can still be worked out by the group.

The Smithfield Art Group is extending an invitation to everyone interested in meeting once a month to sit together, invite comments on the work in progress, and have fun while painting away at everything they can think of.

I will still be only a phone call or Whatsapp message or sms away if anybody needs input.

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