Contemporaries remember Jenny Vorwerk

Jenny Vorwerk’s story, which we ran over several weeks in SmiffieNews Weekly Digest, has rung bells with several people who have asked to be put in touch with the writer.

What has made the process even more worthwhile is the thrill this has given Jenny, in her home in Andalusia in Spain, from where she wrote to us, saying:

"I have to thank you, hugely, for putting me into contact with Henrie Smith."

"Firstly, we are, almost, contemporaries.  And secondly, we are probably related, as we both come from exactly the same forefathers who settled in Smithfield in the 1830's.  And also, his family farmed very close to where my grandfather's farm was situated, from the very beginning, and even now, his nephew is farming not far from my Oupa's farm, Sonop. He has even told me who now owns my Oupa's farm, and that is also a good thing to know, as it is the family who farmed behind us, at Wolwekop, or Wolwehoek;  the Jonkers."

All very exciting stuff, for me.

"We were taught by the same teachers. We had almost, the same friends, or,  Henrie remembers folk from my class and still knows some of them. He remembers my cousins, Basie and Naude Human, from Welgevonden, and our Oom Chris, from Spitskop".

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