Platteland Preview

At the heart of this annual fest you’ll find artists taking their productions to the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. We invite them to showcase their work here en route as a final rehearsal and the Platteland Preview is the result: a feast of drama, music, comedy, dance, poetry and visual art. Welcome!

Hot croissants for festival opening

GET ready to be thrilled: this modern take on the seven deadly sins will take your breath away at the opening of the 2015 Platteland Prevew festival. It’s the whackily-titled, “We didn’t come to hell for the croissants” by Jemma Kahn. She’ll be en route to Grahamstown’s National Arts Festival, where her last show, “The Epicene Butcher and other stories for consenting adults”, proved a cult favourite, with invites to perform her show from all over the world. Jemma uses an ancient Japanese-Buddhist storytelling form, ‘kamishibai’, that...Read more

Platteland Preview Preparations off to a Great Start

As the Platteland Preview committee begins work on the third edition of our town arts festival, scheduled for 26 - 28 June 2015, we want to thank everyone who helped us with our crowd-funding campaign. We raised R33 500 and thanks to everyone who contributed, we are now able to plan the festival with confidence. We launched our crowd-funding campaign at the suggestion of the director of the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, Ismail Mahomed. He also roped in graphic designer Rudi Sadler to help: we must thank Rudi for the splendid video, graphics and e-flyer he put together for the...Read more

Heroes push festival fund over R10 000

This is an absolutely brilliant moment: we've just received notice of a brand new hero, someone whose backing of the Platteland Preview arts festival, added to the previous total, has pushed us up and over R10 000! We've been running the crowd-funding campaign for just 10 days (out of 45 total allocated to us) and have hit R10 000 already. What an achievement! Dear supporters, one and all, we are getting there: we'll soon be able to send kids to the theatre AND pay to accommodate the performers who come to work their magic for all the people of the town. Check out the latest...Read more

Big launch!

Heard a few whispers that something really big is happening with the Platteland Preview festival? Yes, it's true. But come and find out for yourself just what's going on. Starting on Friday 17 October at 5pm in the Red Barn we'll be rolling out all the details of the festival's new crowd-funding campaign at a special launch. We're providing wine for what promises to be a relaxed and fun hour together, as we show off how the project works, how you can get involved and all the benefits to our community. Come and start your weekend with us at this special town launch...Read more

Half way to the tipping point!

AFTER just one day of the Platteland Preview's crowd-funding campaign we're more than half way to our R6 000 'tipping point'. This is the first major milestone in our campaign: if we reach it we can keep all the money we make in the campaign; if we don't get there (and the chances of failure are zero!) then we give back all the money. That's the way that crowd-funding works via Thundafund, the organisation through which we are running the campaign. According to Thundafund if an organisation doesn't reach their nominated 'tipping point' it would mean that...Read more

Brand new festival campaign wins friends at 7de Laan!

THE Platteland Preview launched a fantastic community-building and crowd funding campaign this week. Our aim is to spread the word about our festival and at the same time to raise funds for festival projects so that we can take the Platteland Preview to the next level. IDEA It's based on the idea that if all our friends were to give us just a little help, it would make a big difference. At the same time we use the Internet and social media to increase our circle of friends. That's the thinking behind crowd-funding - and we have chosen South African crowd-funding experts, Thundafund,...Read more

The Twee Toring Kerk as you've never seen it ....

Twee-Toring kerk in Bloemfontein The landmark twin tower church in Bloemfontein is one of the city's iconic structures, symbolic of much that the city used to mean. But you've never seen it like this before: artist Markus Steinmann has incorporated road signage with the church, indicating one of the arterial routes through the city, into an exhibition of work now on display in Smithfield, over the Platteland Preview festival. Steinmann's exhibition is called, 'Re-envisioning the Anglo-Boer (South African War)'. It's on the way to London but for now you can catch it at...Read more

Into the dark at Bell's Chapel

Making sure it's dark .... ONE thing director/actor Andrew Simpson insisted on about the venue - make sure it's properly blacked out. So when Johan Greef (centre) set up Bell's Chapel the day before the festival that's exactly what he did. Andrew will be using this historic venue on Saturday for two different shows. One - To Kill a Koeksuster - somehow manages to combine comedy and murder-mystery. The other, Ghost Story, is far from funny. It draws its inspiration from classic horror movies, says Andrew. Like Psycho. You have been warned! Here Johan, who will be managing the...Read more


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