A Successful Platteland Preview 2016

By Martin Booyens ~

Our Platteland Preview committee is always keen to get started on its feedback session as each year’s programme ends. The meeting is considered vital as the first step in planning for the following year.

This year was no exception and so the 2016 committee went into session on 4 July, immediately after the end of another successful preview. Their aim is to see what lessons could be learned which would help in their planning for 2017.

Not only is it useful to learn from any mistakes but the impressions and experience gained from committee members themselves as well feedback from members of the audiences is hugely valuable to the team which has to tackle the sizeable task next year.

The feedback session for the Platteland Preview 2016, was held 4 July 2016. This is done every year to discuss everything related to the festival as soon as possible after the weekend and to help the committee to plan the event for the next year and to learn from possible mistakes made and most of all the reaction and the feedback we got from the committee members and of course the people that attended the festival.

This year was the fourth in the Platteland Preview series and we started by evaluating our first festival in 2013 and all the positives and lessons we learnt from that year. Having listed them we went on to do the same for the years up to 2016.

It was an exercise to see the growth of the festival over the years and how the members of this years’ committee, most of whom are still on the committee, have used the previous years’ experience and feedback in the planning of the next.

The entire committee has pledged to Irene Swanepoel, the committees chairperson, our total commitment for the planning of the 5th year in 2017.

In doing the exercise of evaluating the growth from inception to date, the prime concern was that the quality of the shows remained impeccable. To be taken into consideration is that the Afrikaans shows have tended to draw more visitors every year and we will bear this in mind when selecting shows to be performed in Smithfield.

Another point of concern related to the marketing and advertising of the festival and it was decided to appoint a subcommittee focusing on that aspect for the coming years.

While 2016 was an excellent festival, we had fewer people attending the different shows, but we made up for it by making new friends who will support us in the years ahead through their own attendance and by introducing other newcomers to the festival next year.

Watch this space for the 5th Anniversary of Platteland Preview!

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