Another Three Platteland Preview Shows Tied Up

Platteland Preview 2016 comes closer to being a reality with the news that three more shows have been signed up for this hugely successful series of annual previews to the famous Grahamstown Festival.

Following details of three shows we revealed last week, we can now add another three which have been confirmed:

Ingrid …

…Celebrates the life and work of acclaimed poet Ingrid Jonker. Described as mixed media theatre with image-driven scenes inspired by various Jonker texts, it is brought to life through mask work, puppetry and imagistic theatre techniques. A certain theatrical and poetic licence has been taken in  the weaving together of disparate elements and various manifestations of Jonker and women in general.

The play explores the complicated private and public life of Ingrid, moving through her poetry into imaginings of her life. It looks at her through the lens of mother, girlfriend, mistress, lover, daughter and woman unattached. It rediscovers her youth, her loneliness, her madness and her depression with sensitivity.

The show, which will  be at the Red Barn, carries an age restriction of 15.

Blue …

…is  a two-man, episodic work that starts in the future and ends with coming to terms with the past.

It is about the burden and fragility of being born free on a rubbish dump rainbow nation dream. It focuses on a tragic collision between your neighbour and the people who run this country. Caught in the middle is a person who is just doing his job; raising questions of accountability, power, corruption, prejudice, leadership and innocence.

The piece boasts more than 20 funny, controversial, thought-provoking and galvanising characters, rooted in physical theatre and all played by a dynamic duo.

Blue will be staged at the Little Chapel and carried a 15 age restriction.

The Lighthouse…

…Gordon lives in a lighthouse. He watches the sea every day for ships… and for his friend Samuel the Sailor. Linda, Thato and Eva say Samuel is never coming back, but Gordon won’t give up hope. Surely Samuel will come back for his birthday?

This is a tale of friendship and love performed by two male performers capable of highly stylised physical theatre antics – including mime, juggling, singing and acrobatics.

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