Attentive learners at Beefcake

Learners from the Relibohile Sibulele School attended the first show of the Platteland Preview this morning, and judging by the attentive faces, it made a considerable impression. They saw BEEFCAKE, a one-hander starring Lolo Malumo, and written by Josh Martin who was also in the audience to see how things went down.

It’s a play dealing with difficult father/son relations, made all the tougher because the old man has just died.

Afterwards Lolo and Josh answered questions from the audience, and there was a sense that the Q&A could have gone on a lot longer if we hadn’t had to start putting up the set for our official opening tonight.

Thanks to Josh and to Lolo who acted his heart out for the kids: we hope for an audience just as appreciate at Grahamstown’s National Arts Festival.

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